Rumble Entertainment

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iDreamSky grabs 50.1% stake in Rumble Entertainment

Deal worth $10m, includes Chinese KingsRoad publishing rights

Rumble CEO: Tablets will be the clear winner of the console war

Nexon invests in Rumble Entertainment as it closes a $17.5 million second round of funding.

Nexon invests in Rumble Entertainment

Owen Mahoney, chief financial officer at Nexon, will join Rumble's board

Rumble's FPS shooting for "$100 million per month" market

Free-to-play Ballistic headed for browser, Facebook

Ready to Rumble: The Reinvention of The Games Publisher

Rumble CEO Greg Richardson, former head of BioWare/Pandemic, on how free-to-play and mobile will grow the industry to $100 billion

Rumble Entertainment hires Zynga vets

Brian Schneider and Steve Desilets join the free-to-play studio


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