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Is Rocksteady doing enough to tackle abuse? | Podcast

Latest episode also discusses debut PlayStation 5 ad, and the shift to remote-office hybrid companies

Rocksteady responds to sexism accusations again

Batman: Arkham studio says it addressed issues appropriately, has now hired external firm to interview current and former employees

Ex-Rocksteady writer asks for name to be left off Suicide Squad credits

Senior scriptwriter says she wrote the original 2018 letter alerting management to sexual harassment problems and was pushed out for it

Rocksteady releases employee letter defending it from accusations

Multiple women who co-signed 2018 letter about sexism at Arkham Knight studio say recent report of management's response misrepresented the situation

Women at Rocksteady complained of harassment

10 of 16 women on staff two years ago signed letter complaining about derogatory treatment that has reportedly continued

Rocksteady and Creative Assembly under fire over Video Game Tax Relief

TaxWatch UK highlights ways multinational companies are using scheme to shift profits

Rocksteady: "There's a real talent drain"

Sefton Hill shares concerns over dwindling developer numbers in UK

Arkham City ships 4.6 million in week one

Rocksteady's Batman sequel doubles figures of original

Warner acquires majority stake in Rocksteady Studios

UPDATE: Developer will work on other Warner IP as well as Batman; Eidos still owns over 25% of company

Batman: Arkham Asylum ships 2.5 million

Game also awarded Guinness record for 'most critically acclaimed superhero game'


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