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Rockstar co-founder Jamie King reflects on the making of this iconic game, while industry professionals discuss its influence

Leslie Benzies incorporates five new studios amid Rockstar legal dispute

Former GTA developer also trademarks potential title Time For A New World under Royal Circus Games

Rockstar North studio head Leslie Benzies has departed

"Went on sabbatical on September 1, 2014 and has decided not to return to work"

GTA V performance issues highlight problems with digital future

Designed to stream from HDD and disc at once, PSN GTA V struggles

GTA V slips to September

Take-Two stock sinks as Rockstar claims eagerly anticipated sequel needs more time in development

Russia reviewing violent PC game restrictions

Following a shooting spree, the Russian government looks into violent PC games

GTA: "Max Clifford made it all happen"

David Jones and Mike Dailly reveal how crucial the PR man was to the original's success

GTA V October launch hinted at by Rockstar North employee

The employee's CV has since been pulled

Manhunt 2 finally gets UK release date

Rockstar's controversial title confirmed for Halloween release on PSP, Wii and PS2

Car bombings blamed on GTA IV

Three arrested teens say RockStar's game taught them how to make Molotov Cocktails

Rockstar sponsors Dare to be Digital awards

Awards for student competition to take place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, this August


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