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Riot Games exec Ron Johnson resigns following inflammatory George Floyd Facebook post

Johnson exercised "really poor judgement" says Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent

Riot Games exec placed on leave for Facebook post blaming George Floyd's death on "criminal lifestyle"

Riot: "The sentiment in that image is directly counter to our belief that addressing systemic racism requires immediate societal change"

League of Legends putting ads on the playfield

Viewers of official esports matches will see Mastercard, Alienware, other brands featured on in-game banners

Riot Games' Social Impact Fund has raised $10m so far

So far, the fund has provided $8 million in grands and funding to over 50 nonprofits

A year of Riot's diversity and inclusivity efforts mean it now employs 1% more women

And US operations have 1% more underrepresented minorities

Riot "can't solve society" but commits to combatting player abuse in Valorant

"Harassment and bullying in games is not a status quo I'm comfortable accepting," says executive producer

Riot "looking into long-term solutions" to fight toxicity in Valorant

Both the game's executive director and a UX designer say they've been harassed in game's solo queue mode

Riot Games cancels League of Legends MSI

Previously delayed by two months, the 2020 Mid-Seasonal Invitational has now been cancelled

Riot Games to open new studio in Singapore

Company's second Asia branch will also be headed up by Nathan Beemer

Riot Games offering up to $100,000 for Valorant exploits and security concerns

League of Legends publisher increases rewards in its Bug Bounty program, which has paid out $2 million to date

Riot acquires Hypixel

League of Legends maker was already an early investor in the developer of upcoming sandbox game Hytale

Riot Games lays out prize pools, no blood rule for Valorant esports

New shooter will cap prize pools at $10k for small tournaments, and $50k at medium tournaments

League of Legends players raised $6m for charities they'll pick

Players will vote to determine which nonprofits the money raised in their region will support

Valorant breaks Twitch single-day viewership records

It also ties League of Legends, Fortnite for concurrent viewership record

League of Legends: The art of balance

Summoner's Rift team manager John Frank discusses the intricacies of balancing one of the world's most successful competitive titles

Microsoft Build conference, DOTA and League of Legends esports among latest events to be cancelled

UPDATE: Dota Pro Circuit major and minor tournaments cancelled, GWENT World Masters and PUBG Mobile Leagues postponed

Riot takes its licensing game up a league

Hire of Disney and Nickelodeon vet Ron Johnson coincides with increased focus on external partners for consumer products

The Podcast: The (Doom) Eternal cycle of crunch

Latest episode also discusses allegations against Riot in class-action lawsuit, Paradox's subscription experiment, and tossing coins to Witchers

Women suing Riot Games may be entitled to $400m not $10m

Two state regulators attempt to intervene with gender discrimination class action lawsuit in plaintiffs' favour

Why the traditional product lifecycle “maybe doesn't apply” to League of Legends

After ten years, League of Legends is still one of the most popular games on earth and Riot Games is riding that wave into new spaces


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