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Creative Services branch to be relocated to Dublin headquarters

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Athlete and Hollywood focused talent agency acquires e-Sports group

WME now full owners of Global eSports Management

Riot closes League Of Legends chat rooms

"Chat rooms have grown rife with RP sellers, scammers and Elo-boost spam"

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LCS competitors now "free to stream any games they want"

Riot bans pro LoL players from streaming competitor's games

Rules of championship contract forbid DOTA, Starcraft broadcasts

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Beats Google in '25 Best Tech Companies To Work For In 2013' list

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DFC says usage of both titles far surpasses World of Warcraft

Riot Games hit by DDoS attacks

League Of Legends developer "pursuing legal avenues"

Riot Games settles porn site lawsuit no longer redirects to sexual content

Publisher 2.0: League of Legends' player focused marketing

"Players end up doing most of our marketing for us," says Chris Enock of Riot Games

League Of Legends hacked

Passwords, email addresses and dates of birth compromised

Riot Games: SOPA "attacks our community"

League Of Legends developer latest to speak out against Stop Online Piracy Act

League Of Legends hits 30 million players

Riot Games' online hit continues to expand player numbers


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