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Revolution's Charles Cecil

The Broken Sword creator muses on the digital games industry and how quickly it's changing

Self-publishing "euphoria" has "been tempered" - Cecil

Revolution MD expects 2-3 year window of opportunity on iPhone before entry cost rises too high

Charles Cecil on board for Doctor Who game

BBC reveals free-to-play tie-in from Sumo Digital and Broken Sword veteran

Beneath a Steel Sky on track for 20k sales in first month

Revolution's Charles Cecil expects iPhone release to hit 100,000 sales in lifetime

Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbons to host BAFTA session

Beneath A Steel Sky creators to discuss joint achievements at October event

The Sky's Not the Limit

Revolution boss Charles Cecil talks publisher relations, digital distribution and building consumer relationships

Revolution aiming to build "relationship of respect" with consumer

Charles Cecil keen to offer PC games for free, but charge for iPhone products to help fund new projects

Revolution to create new Pocket Studio

Team will create classic and new titles specifically for handhelds formats, including iPhone and PSPgo

Industry must adopt new sales models, says Cecil

Revolution Software's Charles Cecil believes games should move away from the one-size-fits-all approach to software pricing as it's getting in the way of sales.

Viva la Revolution

Revolution's Charles Cecil talks downloadable content, episodic gaming and new IP.

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