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EA buys Titanfall studio Respawn

Deal could be worth around $450m if the developer hits performance incentives

Titanfall 2 didn't sell as well as it should have - Zampella

Despite that, Respawn CEO says studio is heavily invested in the franchise and has more on the way

Respawn cancels Titanfall mobile game

First title in Nexon partnership canned after its beta test, heaping more uncertainty on Respawn's shooter franchise

Titanfall is a victim of chest-beating pride

EA's decision to launch Titanfall 2 between two bigger, more established FPS franchises defies commercial sense

Respawn and EA dismiss release date problems for Titanfall 2

Developer claims “there was no changing” locked in launch, EA insists audiences are different

Respawn is latest EA partner on Star Wars

Titanfall studio making a third-person action adventure, led by former God of War director Stig Asmussen

Titanfall branching out to single-player, TV

Respawn planning on solo campaign mode for sequel, wants to produce scripted, animated spin-offs

Respawn and Nexon partner for Titanfall franchise

Mobile dev Particle City will create new games based on IP

Titanfall boasts 8 million unique players

Respawn's Vince Zampella has second thoughts on decision to make PC version Origin-only, says future games not necessarily exclusive

Respawn adds former Activision exec as COO

Newly appointed Dusty Welch says console makers are missing the importance of user engagement and retention

Stig Asmussen now at Respawn Entertainment

God of War creative director confirms he's now working with Titanfall studio

An insider's view of the Titanfall launch

Community manager Abbie Heppe shares the pressures and pride of launching a AAA title

Titanfall beta gets 2 million players

Respawn confident that its Xbox One exclusive will avoid launch-day problems

Respawn Entertainment teams up with K'NEX

Titanfall figures will bring the brand to a wider demographic

Titanfall sweeps E3 Game Critics Awards

Respawn's Xbox One exclusive picks up all major trophies, including Best of Show and Best Original Game

Respawn founders had tense relationship before West's departure

New details surface surrounding Jason West and Vince Zampella's split

Zampella: Titanfall "not gunning for Call of Duty"

Respawn co-founder says shooters aren't direct competition, explains absence of single-player campaign

Respawn's TitanFall to hit Xbox One, PC

Game Informer leaks Microsoft console exclusivity, other details of upcoming shooter from Call of Duty creators

Call of Duty creator retires from Respawn Entertainment

UPDATE: Respawn confirms departure of Jason West due to "family issues"

West & Zampella talk Activision lawsuit and Project Icebreaker

Infinity Ward's founders detail the lengths Activision went to get dirt on them


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