RebelPlay is an independent UK based games publisher specialising in digitally distributed video games. Founded in 2011 the company was born out of the belief that independent development studios require a more tailored, personal approach to their business than was being provided by existing large publishers.

The directors at RebelPlay bring a wealth of experience. Having worked on global game franchises ranging from LittleBigPlanet to Lemmings, Harry Potter to Buzz; and box office hit movies such as The Hurt Locker, The Wrestler, and This is England.

Part of the strength in being an independent developer is the focus, unity and agility that come from being small. Sometimes however, you need something for your game that you simply don’t have at your disposal – that’s where RebelPlay come in.

Their focus is on the ever-growing digital gaming space, be that downloadable console gaming, social networks, browser-based games, mobile or whatever is just around the corner. RebelPlay has been founded with the knowledge that games are evolving at an ever increasing speed, and that what is a niche market today could so very easily become tomorrow’s key business opportunity.

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