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APB's Second Life

GamersFirst's CCO talks why, how and when for the APB relaunch

K2 Network buys rights to APB

Company behind GamersFirst service snaps up Realtime Worlds MMO for rumoured 1.5m

Three former Realtime Worlds directors linked to MyWorld buyout

Hetherington, Chung and Weller appointed to board of Kimble Operations

APB refunds for digital but not retail customers

EA providing replacement games for some Steam purchasers of axed MMO

APB's lead character artist opens new start-up

Jimmy O'Ready sets up Montynero Characters and Montynero Concept Art

APB "plug to be pulled" as no buyer emerges

UPDATE: Epic linked to last minute purchase of game; Dave Jones to continue on project?

Hetherington linked to new Project MyWorld owner

Report suggests RTW chairman part of mystery US firm

Project MyWorld snapped up by US company: report

Purchaser retains anonymity, future of APB remains uncertain

New studio set to rise from RTW ashes

MyWorld deal involving new development entity is close, source claims

Project MyWorld back on as staff re-hired

Begbies Traynor takes back 23 staffers in Dundee following "considerable interest from potential buyers"

RTW buyer interest "from both sides of the Atlantic"

Administrator: Company had run up debts of 3m

Blitz/Creative Assembly announce Dundee sessions

UPDATE: Sega studio is the latest to set up an RTW talent scout event

"Some positive interest" in Realtime Worlds assets

Administrator hopeful over company's holdings

Activision plans Dundee recruitment event

Publisher moves to attract Realtime Worlds staff with help from Specialmove

TIGA: Dundee remains a good place to do business

Trade organisation offers sympathies to those affected by Realtime Worlds fallout

Realtime Worlds enters administration

APB developer's future in doubt following the online game's commercial problems

UPDATE: Around 60 jobs lost at Realtime Worlds

Company scales back recently announced Project: MyWorld team

Realtime Worlds goes social with Project: MyWorld

Google, Nintendo inspires new game from APB creator

Realtime Worlds restructures

Future project downscaled to provide "100% support" for APB post-launch

Realtime Worlds brings APB embargo forward

Developer to give reviewers early access following complaints over policy


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