Raw Fury

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Boutique publishers are the future of the indie games market

Devolver, Double Fine, Raw Fury and Buried Signal's Jason Roberts on how publisher identity can help indie games to rise above the noise

David Helgason invests in Raw Fury as indie publisher raises $600,000

Company also enables staff to take stakes in the business, plans to use funds to increase console releases

"People don't talk about mental health because of the stigma, out of fear for their careers"

At Devcom last week, Raw Fury's Callum Underwood discussed his ambition to "normalise" mental health issues in the games industry

Oculus' Callum Underwood joins Raw Fury

Indie publisher adds another experienced name

“The one field in games that hasn't really been innovated upon is publishing”

Raw Fury discusses the importance of happiness and the ever changing role of the indie games publisher

Raw Fury wants to close the gates on the "developer valley of death"

Poor launch sales can mean the end for smaller studios - is it time to reconsider how publishers build and judge success?


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