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Former Quantic Dream employee wins court case against developer

Court rules in favour of employee who quit due to circulation of offensive photoshopped images

Detroit: Become Human hits one million sales faster than any Quantic Dream game

Co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière confirms Detroit reached the milestone after two weeks

Detroit: Become Human: Critical Consensus

Quantic Dream has sued journalists for negative coverage, but judging from the reviews for the studio's Detroit: Become Human, the media isn't holding it against the studio.

The Red Flag of Passion

How a seemingly harmless word is used to put a happy face on some of the industry's biggest problems

Quantic Dream sues press over reports of toxic workplace - Report

Detroit: Become Human studio takes legal action against two of the three outlets who unearthed allegations of harassment and discrimination

Quantic Dream labels claims of toxic conditions as "smear campaign"

UPDATE: Council of Paris investigating public funds awarded to studio, and considering tighter regulations for companies that do not care for staff

Quantic Dream denies allegations of homophobia, racism and toxic studio culture

David Cage "shocked" and "outraged" as preliminary investigation by Paris public prosecutor is opened

Quantic Dream experimenting with virtual reality

But David Cage won't venture into VR space “for the sake of it”

Cage: “Games should be about what players feel, not what they do”

The creator of Heavy Rain and upcoming Detroit: Become Human discusses his ongoing quest to share personal experiences through video games

Paranoid androids: Quantic Dream's Detroit

Guillaume de Fondaumière discusses how mundane gameplay and logical consequences can be tools to immerse players

David Cage to receive French honour

Heavy Rain creator will accept Legion of Honour on March 13

Sony tries to pull Beyond nude shower scene reports

PS3 maker asking sites to unpublish stories about hidden debug option in Quantic Dream's latest

Critical Consensus: Beyond puts gameplay in the backseat

Quantic Dream's latest refines the studio's focus on storytelling above all else, and critics seem torn on what that means

Why Quantic Dream chose PS3 for Beyond

"It'll be years before PlayStation 4 has that audience," says Cage

Beyond: Two Souls cost €20 million

Hollywood stars, brand new engine, but only £17m in production costs says French article

Cage: The future of games is meaning

Quantic Dream CEO on how better stories can make games more mainstream

Cage: "I make games by passion"

Why making Beyond isn't about making money for the CEO

Game stigmas exaggerated, says Quantic Dream exec

Beyond: Two Souls studio's co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere says image is improving, but industry falling short of its responsibilities

Cage: We're not crazy with our finances

Why you won't find any Ferraris in the Quantic Dream car park

Quantic Dream won't chase profits with multi-platform

Sony partnership still working for Heavy Rain developer

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