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Psyonix removes paid, randomized crates from Rocket League

Replacement system will show exact items being purchased, similar to Fortnite

Epic Games acquires Psyonix

Update: Epic seems to leave door open for game to continue to be sold on Steam after Epic Games store release

Rocket League nixes loot boxes in Belgium, the Netherlands

Government regulations force Psyonix to follow in footsteps of companies such as Blizzard, EA, Square Enix, Valve, and others

Rocket League finally gets cross-platform play on PS4

The popular Psyonix title is the latest to benefit from Sony's cross-platform u-turn

Rocket League refueling for year four

DLC: The difference between esports and games-as-a-service, blurring lines between players and consultants, 2K's Switch stance, and God of War's redemption

Psyonix reveals loot box odds for Rocket League

Developer clarifies its Crate and Key system ahead of game overhaul later this summer

Rocket League hits 40 million players worldwide

Psyonix reaches another milestone, adding two million players in the last two weeks

Rocket League surpasses 38 million players

2017 is "best year yet" but there is still work to be done, says developer

How Rocket League is looking to shape the future of esports

Psyonix details its ambitious efforts to turn its car football game into a mainstream sport

New ban system implemented as Rocket League surpasses 34m players

Abusive language and racial slurs will result in automatic ban, Psyonix asks players to report, mute and leave the rest to them

Rocket League passes 33m players

Second anniversary stats show daily average of 1.6m, with PS4 still the dominant platform

NBC Sports launches Rocket League tourney

Sports network teams with Psyonix and FACEIT for $100,000 competition, will televise finals in some territories

Tencent bringing free-to-play Rocket League to China

Partnership with Psyonix will see smash hit localised for Chinese market with hints at eSports events

Rocket League physical sales pass 1m

505 Games posts huge figures for previously digital-only indie release

Psyonix disapproves of Rocket League gambling

Developer speaks out after betting platform Unikrn adds its hit title to line-up

Rocket League hit $110m in revenue by giving away content for free

PlayStation Plus giveaway and free major DLC updates are behind rapid growth, says Psyonix

Psyonix's Nosgoth cancelled

"Its audience hasn't grown enough to sustain ongoing operations"

Sony responds to Microsoft's cross-platform play announcement

Sony is "happy to have the conversation" about cross-platform play on PlayStation 4.

Rocket League has 1 million unique players on Xbox One

Psyonix finds yet more success on console, and this time it didn't give the game away for free

Rocket League sells 1m on Steam

SteamOS and Mac versions due later this year

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