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John Vechey departs Popcap

"Maybe I'll stick with non-profit work, maybe start a new company"

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare gets micro-transactions

"Players will be given the option to purchase coins"

Plants vs. Zombies 2 vs. China

PopCap's Leo Liu shares lessons learned from Far East launch of free-to-play foliage defense game

PopCap sees layoffs but "no changes to titles"

Parent company EA confirmed the job cuts at the studio but would not disclose how many employees were let go

PopCap's Todd English joins GameDuell

"Todd was the ideal fit to reinforce our management team"

Peggle 2 no longer available at Xbox One launch

PopCap "mischaracterised" time of its release, will hit Xbox Live in time for Christmas

Popcap exec becomes Hipsoft CEO

"We have a lot of work to do and we need to invest wisely"

Plants vs. Zombies 2 downloaded 16 million times

Popcap's free-to-play iOS-exclusive sequel dubbed "most successful mobile game launch" in EA history

PopCap CEO defends move to free-to-play

Plants vs. Zombies 2 downloads have already eclipsed performance of first game

PopCap: Arrogance is the enemy of a franchise

Hubris will kill your evergreen IP says founder, as he reveals why the company walked away from Zuma

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures brings franchise to Facebook

PopCap announces a new Plants vs. Zombies for the social network

Challenges in China have an upside

GDC 2013: PopCap exec explains how Plants vs. Zombies benefited from rampant piracy, clones, and counterfeit toys

PopCap recruiting for AAA console title

Frostbite 2 Engine powered game could be PvZ shooter

96 jobs go as EA closes PopCap Dublin

Last month's layoffs escalate to full closure for casual studio

EA's Gibeau on PopCap cuts

And investing in next-gen "in a big way"

PopCap confirms "reorganization" and layoffs

PopCap Dublin has a questionable future and some in Seattle are fired

Popcap leads new Clustering Development Team for Ireland

Aims to create 2,500 new jobs in digital games sector by the end of 2014

Google+ losing key game developers

PopCap and Wooga are shutting down Google+ versions of their games

Gamers play on mobile far more than consoles - survey

Addressable market has grown to over 125 million people playing mobile games in the US and UK

PopCap Launches Bejeweled Legend in Japan

New game was developed specifically for the Japanese market

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  • Seattle
  • Washington
  • 98121
  • United States

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