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Phoenix Labs' RuthAnne Berry talks about using social media to meet your game's goals

How the Dauntless community taught Phoenix Labs about trust

Phoenix Labs' Nick Clifford explores the value of building lasting relationships within your community, and how to get there

Dauntless developer acquired by Garena

VC-backed Phoenix Labs reaches an exit, but co-founder and CEO Jesse Houston has no plans to leave anytime soon

Phoenix Labs acquires Bot School Inc

Dauntless developer invests further in cross-platform efforts

Dauntless reaches 10 million players

Free-to-download co-op monster hunting RPG hits milestone less than a month after launch

Phoenix Labs' undaunted quest for cross-platform play

Founder Jesse Houston on choosing the Epic Games store over Steam, and how that choice is helping to realise its cross-platform vision for Dauntless

Phoenix Labs' Dauntless migrating to Epic Games Store

Users will be required to sign up for Epic Games account, current patcher application will be retired

Phoenix Labs on walking the line between Dauntless and reckless

In the wake of its latest funding round, co-founder Jesse Houston talks about growing the studio and the game at a deliberate pace

If loot boxes are free-to-play's present, what will be the future?

With a new round of funding and Dauntless ramping up to open beta, Phoenix Labs is ready for a free-to-play renaissance


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