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PEGI adds in-game purchase warning to boxed games

Descriptor will be added to physical releases by the end of the year

VSC: "PEGI is stricter than the BBFC. We're not ashamed of that"

With the law set to change next month, the ratings body that will have the power to ban video games explains what it all means

Advertising compliance with PEGI guidelines up by nearly 8% in Europe

TV spots show greatest improvement as industry hits 90.3% high

PEGI app comes to Windows Phone 7

Consumer advice and database of over 16,000 games

Will PEGI make it into law this year?

"Complex work is ongoing," insists DCMS; Industry sources hopeful of Christmas resolution

Vaizey confirms new PEGI delay

Push back to July is "nothing to worry about," insists Culture Minister

PEGI tipped for September launch, but uncertainty persists

VSC's "best guess" is "early autumn"; BBFC role still under discussion

PEGI releases iPhone app for UK parents

Users able to search age-ratings for over 14,000 games

Byron "delighted" with PEGI introduction

Digital Economy Bill "vital" for ensuring safety of game-playing children, says professor


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