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OnLive shutting down, Sony snaps up patents

Service will end on April 30, latest subscriptions to be refunded

OnLive partners with Extra Life for charity fundraiser

24 hours of free access to 250+ Play Pack titles

OnLive relaunches business with comprehensive overhaul

New management, technology and business models revitalise streaming service

OnLive chairman: "I've had the opposite of buyer's remorse"

Cloud gaming service adds a new SVP of engineering

OnLive assets sold for $4.8m

Letter shows price paid by Lauder Partners and new OnLive

OnLive founder Steve Perlman says goodbye

Perlman believes it was time for him to move on

Head in the Clouds

OnLive's failure underlines a harsh truth - there's no future for a consumer cloud gaming service

Perlman stays CEO at new OnLive

"Instead of game over, we will take this to a higher level," says cloud gaming service

OnLive had $30m in debts

Insolvency firm reveals scale of OnLive money troubles

BT prepared to write off OnLive investment

Telecoms operator says 2.6% stake is not "significant"

New OnLive owner is Lauder Partners

Half of staff offered new jobs, no stock for Perlman


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