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Microsoft to acquire RPG specialists Obsidian Entertainment and InXile

Pillars of Eternity, Fallout New Vegas and Wasteland 3 creators join to boost Game Pass

Microsoft in talks to buy Obsidian - Report

Xbox outfit closing in on a deal for Pillars of Eternity developer with one source telling Kotaku it's "a matter of when, not if"

Pillars of Eternity II director on Obsidian's shift from studio-for-hire to building its own IP

Working on your own IP is "less about the freedom and more about the institutional knowledge to understand what the IP is"

Obsidian Entertainment: "No microtransactions, of any kind, in our game"

Developer addresses consumer concerns following recent partnership with Take-Two Interactive's indie publishing arm, Private Division

Pillars of Eternity II closes Fig campaign with $4.4 million

Obsidian's sequel eclipsed Psychonauts 2's $3.8 million record, and set a record for most backers: 33,614 takes over Armored Warfare development from Obsidian

Creative differences between developer, publisher and MailRU reportedly to blame

Niantic gigantic as Pokemon dominates the news again

Weekly Roundup: Obsidian talks survival, Yang lambastes Twitch and Nintendo's market value eclipses Sony's thanks to AR

Obsidian Entertainment: Survival, success and independence

CEO Feargus Urquhart on 13 years in AAA development - "We just want to be in a financial situation where we're not worried all the time"

Leonard Boyarsky joins Obsidian Entertainment

Troika Games co-founder departs Blizzard, finds new role

Pillars of Eternity sells 500,000

Including Kickstarter backer rewards, Obsidian's latest RPG has sold half a million copies worldwide

Chris Avellone leaves Obsidian

Co-founder of Pillars of Eternity and Fallout: New Vegas developer departs after 12 years

Obsidian acquires Pathfinder rights

"We're thrilled to get to play in the Pathfinder universe"

Publishers convinced by Kickstarter, says Avellone

Obsidian co-owner says companies are now more open to proven crowdfunding genres

Talking Shop: Obsidian Entertainment's Creative Director

We chat with industry vet Chris Avellone about being a great creative director

Avellone: It doesn't matter if Project Eternity is a flop

Obisidian Entertainment's creative director on the joys of Kickstarter

Project Eternity: How Chris Avellone Blew By $4 Million on Kickstarter

Obsidian's Creative Director shares his secrets of success and how liberating Kickstarter has been for design

Obsidian Kickstarter closes with nearly $4 million

Project Eternity surpasses Double Fine record by more than $600k

Project Eternity Kickstarter breaks Double Fine record

16 hours to go for Obsidian RPG and $3.4m raised

Obsidian promises mod support for Project Eternity

The Nexus Network will be the place to get mods for Obsidian's KickStarter game

Obsidian Kickstarter reaches $1.1 million target in 24 hours

Project Eternity adds "stretch goals," Avellone admits he prefers working for the player to working for a publisher

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