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Oberon Media changes name to Iplay

Oberon rebrands to address expansion of products and services

Oberon faces job losses - report

Casual game firm to halt internal development of games to focus on distribution

Casual games firm Oberon Media lays off 100 staff

COO of company leaves to work on new venture

Oberon delighted with GameSaver growth

Subscriber numbers approach 500,000 for online game service in its first year

Casual gaming's triple threat

Oberon's new COO, Don Ryan, on the company's recent reorganisation and cross-platform strategy

Women gamers just as competitive as men, says Ryan

Oberon's COO thinks that action-puzzle games can bridge the core and casual markets

Oberon promotes Don Ryan to COO

The senior VP of publishing has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer at the casual games company

Oberon unveils new I-play brand identity

Oberon Media has unified its publishing efforts under the I-play brand to be led by Don Ryan

THQ expands casual games portfolio

THQ is expanding its casual games portfolio through the acquisition of Elephant and a distribution deal with Oberon

Oberon Media: We want to lead the casual space

Oberon Media's senior vice president of publishing has told that the company's in a great position to lead the casual space moving forward by utilising the various cross-platform elements of its business.

PS3 "not yet ready" for casual games, says Oberon

Speaking at an interactive entertainment conference, Oberon Media chairman Tal Kerret said that he doesn't think the PlayStation 3 is ready for their casual games

MySpace Games to launch in 2008

Social networking site MySpace is to launch an official games channel in 2008.

The I-Play Perspective

David Gosen speaks to about recent company restructuring and the way forward

I-Play streamlining leads to redundancies

I-Play has made a number of redundancies, has learned, the result of an effort on the part of the company to streamline the business and stem rising development costs.

Oberon purchases 2 new studios

Casual games giant Oberon Media has purchased added two more studios to its Eastern European stable but acquiring St Petersburg, Russia-based Kenjitsu from Nikitova and Kiev, Ukraine-based Friends Games.

Oberon acquires PixelPlay

Oberon Media announced its intention to acquire PixelPlay, a creator and distributor of interactive television games.

I-play to double internal development capacity

I-play boss David Gosen has revealed that the company's acquisition by Oberon Media will "virtually double" its capacity to produce games internally.


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