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Nordeus: The difficult second game

Branko Milutinović on making only the second game in the company's history, Spellsouls, and the imminent AAA age for mobile games

"It's really easy these days to learn how to do cool stuff. All you need is a computer."

Nordeus CEO Branko Milutinović on optimism, talent and co-operation

Natural Motion's head of art leaves for Nordeus

Daryl Clewlow brings experience from both films and games as Top Eleven developer pushes for "AAA quality" art on mobile

Nordeus opens London office

Plans to add up to 20 staff members in next 12 months

Nordeus sets sights on global success with Top Eleven

Nikola Cavic believes that sports games can outlast the competition, and emerging markets are the key

Nordeus appoints Google vet as customer relations exec

New customer relations director Kerrie Power to head up new office in Dublin, Ireland


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