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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sets franchise record in US

Newest Switch title from Nintendo has already sold 459,000 units, making it the fastest-selling in the Mario Kart series

Nintendo claims victory in Canadian case over mods

3DS maker lauds $12.76 million judgment against Waterloo-based distributor of mod chips and flash carts

Nintendo to sell majority stake in Seattle Mariners

Initial $125 million deal was struck in 1992 by legendary president Hiroshi Yamauchi

Nintendo wins Mii patent suit

Judge invalidates RecogniCorp patent on storing police sketch-artist data, bringing closure to suit filed over virtual avatar system

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has died at age 55

Nintendo has sadly confirmed that Iwata-san passed away on July 11, 2015

Nintendo at E3: Watch the digital event here

Microsoft and Sony both had surprises - can Nintendo's E3 showing offer its own?

What do the platform holders need to do to “win” E3?

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have something to prove - and the only way to prove it is with innovative, original software

Bowser joins Nintendo

Ex-EA exec signs on with American arm of Mario maker as VP of sales

Update: New 3DS XL release date of February 13 confirmed by Nintendo

Leak proves correct as new handheld and attendant games loom large; US price set at $200

Super Smash Bros. becomes fastest-selling Wii U game in US

490,000 copies sold over three days, says NoA

Super Smash Bros 3DS tops 2.8 million worldwide

The popular brawler is off to a good start for Nintendo; amiibo and Smash Wii U being prepped for Nov 21

Billy Berghammer joins Nintendo's Treehouse

Former games journalist will serve as a product development analyst at Nintendo of America

Nintendo sells product-tracking subsidiary

Inventory management firm SIRAS sold to Atlanta-based InComm as Nintendo focuses on games

Nintendo wins another patent battle over Wii controls

A federal appeals court confirmed a victory against Triton Tech, which alleged Nintendo had infringed its patent

E3 2014: Nintendo confirms new Wii U Zelda, Mario Maker

During its E3 video, Nintendo also unveiled a new IP called Splatoon and a toy line called amiibo

E3 2014: Nintendo's Opportunity

Nintendo has set expectations low, but the company could take advantage of the situation with a good showing at E3

Nintendo acquires patents from IA Labs following legal victory

IA Labs had sued Nintendo, alleging that Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus violated its patents - now IA has lost its patent portfolio to Nintendo

Nintendo targeting Wii U marketing to kids, families

Reggie Fils-Aime lays out holiday plan for latest console, says Nintendo experimenting with mobile experiences

Nintendo 3DS surpasses 10 million sold in NA

Pokemon X and Y crosses 2.35 million units and Wii U sales are up 340 percent month-over-month

Reggie: What fans want and say doesn't affect what we do

"100,000 signatures doesn't mean 100,000 sales."


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