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Chinese console and TV-based game market projected to reach $736m in 2018

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Chinese games market expected to reach $42bn revenue by 2022

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Chinese games market to hit $35bn by 2021 - Niko Partners

Mobile revenue to account for 58% of the market

Niko Partners: Chinese mobile market has hit peak growth

Analysts still predict domestic mobile revenues will top $11bn in 2019

Chinese mobile market will rise 66 per cent in 2015

$5.5 billion domestic revenue will eclipse the US, with $11.1 billion expected by 2019

South East Asia to double revenues by 2014 - report

Niko Partners paper predicts 90 million gamers generating over $830 million

Analyst: 100 million new Chinese gamers by 2013

New report suggests 28% rise in 2009 revenues as social and online games drive growth

China's online games market to hit $9.2 billion in 2014

Niko Partners estimates user base will grow to 141 million in the same time frame

Analyst firms partner to report on 10 emerging games markets

DFC and Niko Partners to offer data on markets including Mexico and Hong Kong

Define China

Niko Partners' Lisa Hanson offers a snapshot on the enigmatic, but crucial, fast-growing games market

China's grey market console base "2-3 million units"

Niko Partners' Lisa Hanson explains why living room platforms should be legalised


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