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New CEO for Ngmoco

Founder Neil Young stands down from role, Clive Downie steps up

Neil Young: E3 relevance has "diminished massively"

ngmoco CEO speaks candidly about the trade show

Kixeye opens new Australian studio

3 Blokes team joins Backyard Monsters developer

"Next generation of freemium games will be indistinguishable from AAA"

ngmoco's Ben Cousins describes the breadth and depth of the free-to-play future

Cousins predicts "free-to-play equivalent of Skyrim" in two years

Ngmoco Sweden boss expects F2P dev budgets of $1bn, companies hitting market caps of $100bn

Layoffs reported at ngmoco after DeNA restructuring

Japanese company thought to have laid off around 30 staff at Western subsidiary

EA DICE staff leave for ngmoco Sweden

Veterans from Battlefield, Far Cry 2 and Mirror's Edge depart for mobile studio

ngmoco grabs more Crytek staff for Swedish studio

Ryse director leaves after ten years alongside art specialist

Senta Jakobsen joins ngmoco Sweden

Crytek and DICE veteran joins Ben Cousins as new studio's second employee

ngmoco appoints TV exec as COO

Joanna Drake Early arrives from user-controlled TV network Current TV

ngmoco brings Mobage network to AT&T

Deal gives AT&T customers access to Android social gaming network

ngmoco's Alan Yu

Creating a solution to discovery and monetisation in the Android market

Mobage network expands into English speaking countries

English version of DeNA and ngmoco's Android social network rolls out worldwide

Alan Yu: Self-distribution is not self publishing

Ngmoco co-founder says that knowing your audience is key

Cousins to create new ngmoco studio in Sweden

Ex-EA Easy exec joins freemium developer to work on mobile products

Ngmoco reveals Sandbox developer environment

Tool will allow users to produce titles for Mobage platform

ngmoco buys Dutch studio Rough Cookie

Long-time collaborator acquired as DeNA continues Western expansion

Young: Sony "in trouble" in hardware market

Ngmoco boss says Microsoft in better position

ngmoco: NGP, 3DS "clearly hurt" by App Store

iOS game variety and prices mean NGP is "dead on arrival" - Young

ngmoco: Android development like going back to PC

Handsets in a "very, very immature market" says producer; more analytic data needed from Google


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