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ITC judge clears Xbox in Google patent dispute

Final patent claim dismissed as ITC judge reverses stance

Motorola denied Xbox ban in US and Germany

Judge decides Microsoft's console can't be banned in patent suit

Apple and Google looking to settle patent war

Both companies look to arbitration to solve their differences

Motorola drops Apple patent complaint

Google-owned mobile phone maker motions to dismiss, no settlement in place

Activision, Intel, IBM add voices to oppose Google's proposed Xbox ban

More companies advise ITC on potential impact of patent enforcement

ESA enters debate on 'public interest' ban on Xbox

E3 organiser weighs in on Motorola vs. Microsoft case

Judge suggests Xbox 360 import ban in Motorola case

4GB and 250GB versions of 360 affected, decision now with ITC

Motorola tablet fails to excite retailers

Q3 financial results show just 100,000 Xoom tablets shipped

Android increases US market share to 52 per cent

NPD data indicates growing lead over Apple iOS, Blackberry market share tumbles

Google acquires Motorola for $12.5 billion

Deal will "supercharge" Android and boost Google's patents library


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