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Ninja Theory bosses explain decision to join Microsoft Studios

"We want to take bigger creative risks, and create genre-defining games without constant threat of annihilation," says creative lead Tameem Antoniades

Former Tomb Raider boss joins Xbox leadership team

Darrell Gallagher now at Microsoft, teases big things for E3

Microsoft: Hololens' visible area like 15" monitor 2ft away

First official details of Hololens spec reveal wireless approach, 5.5 hour battery life

Kudo Tsunoda moves to new role within Microsoft

No longer part of Xbox team, engineer moves to HCI solutions

Phil Harrison to leave Microsoft

Microsoft refuses to comment as figurehead departs

Xbox One deserves to be "first class citizen" for indie games - Spencer

Xbox boss explains the parity clause that Microsoft enforces to discourage Xbox One releases becoming afterthoughts

Phil Spencer named as new head of Xbox

Xbox, LIVE, Music and Studios combined under new remit

Undead Labs signs Microsoft Studio deal

Multi-year, multi-title agreement for State Of Decay studio

Bungie vet Joe Staten rejoins Microsoft

The man known for voicing the Grunts in Halo has been hired to "help shape franchise strategy for some Microsoft Studios titles"

Microsoft: We should have been building something like Steam

Phil Spencer gives credit to Valve, also says that it's Microsoft's job to make sure console gaming stays relevant for a lot of people

Production model doomed Age of Empires Online, says dev

Microsoft Studios' Kevin Perry cites lack of content, poor monetization for free-to-play game's failure

Skulls of the Shogun dev rails against Microsoft Studios

"They came across as though they were institutionally incompetent."

Xbox LIVE sees first film premiere

Console chosen as first distribution platform for British comedy

Harrison welcomes hardware competition but urges caution

Yesterday's press briefing shows a Microsoft looking to expand, consolidate

Microsoft opens Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver

New developer working on original franchise, "looking to build the next Halo" [UPDATED]

Microsoft: "We're no longer just competing with console companies"

Microsoft Game Studios now "multiformat" according to new VP Phil Harrison

Halo franchise has generated $3 billion since launch

New stats from Microsoft show 46 million games sold since 2001

343 Industries: We have a personal responsibility for how our games come across

343 Industries head Bonnie Ross on sexism online and in the industry

Halo 4 Microsoft's most expensive game ever

"Nothing's even close," Phil Spencer says of the sci-fi shooter's development cost

Microsoft lays off Lionhead employees

Number of staff affected to be less than 10% of workforce


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