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Project Scorpio "performance is remarkable"

Microsoft has officially confirmed the new Xbox console's specs to our friends at Digital Foundry

Gaming revenues down 9% at Microsoft as hardware sales slow

Update: Xbox One price cut to $249 in the US for a "limited time" as new consoles loom

Kudo Tsunoda moves to new role within Microsoft

No longer part of Xbox team, engineer moves to HCI solutions

UK Price cut confirmed for Xbox One

Retail at 399 from February 28 - with Titanfall bundle confirmed

Microsoft: We're working unbelievably hard to match demand

"I can only apologise in advance to anybody who is let down before Christmas," says Xbox boss Phil Harrison

Xbox Live Compute: The Difference Engine

Why Microsoft's new Xbox One cloud initiative could change consoles forever

MS: Xbox One will be break-even or profit-making from launch

And expect another 3 years and over 100 games from 360, says Mehdi

Ballmer to retire as Microsoft CEO

Change will happen within a year once successor is chosen

Applications open for Kinect for Windows dev kits

$399 for early access to sensor SDK

Shutting out the indies is a big mistake for Xbox One

Indie games aren't just an artistic niche - this is where the industry's creative and commercial future will be written

Microsoft: New console generation can grow market by 30%

Support for Xbox 360 will continue for "multiple years" says Lewis

Roundtable: What to Make of Xbox One

How effective was Microsoft's "all-in-one" console reveal, and how did it compare to the PlayStation 4?

After an awful start, Xbox One must redeem itself at E3

Microsoft's confused, boring reveal event angered the core audience and worried business commentators. E3 will be a chance to set things right

New corporate vice president for Microsoft

Judson Althoff appointed to head up US sales and marketing

Founding Xbox engineer: last 5 years "painful to watch"

Nat Brown says machine "Coasting on past momentum. Failing to innovate"

Xbox LIVE sees first film premiere

Console chosen as first distribution platform for British comedy


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