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Massive Incorporated

Sorry, but we don't have a description for this company yet.

Recent articles about Massive Incorporated

Microsoft to retire Massive in-game ads brand by year end

Company confirms closure, will integrate tech into first-party ads business

Report: Microsoft to close in-game ads dept Massive

Already looking to offload 2006's multi-million acquisition, claim sources

Massive case study shows in-game ad power

New case study for Microsoft Bing attempts to prove return on investment for in-game ads

In-game ads division hit by Microsoft staff cull

Massive sees headcount reduced as 3000 job losses sweep company

Massive Inc audits ad impressions accuracy

Microsoft's in-game ad network is the first to attain third-party verification

Massive: In-game advertising is growing

According to Massive Inc, the in-game advertising company which announced a significant expansion to its existing deal with Electronic Arts yesterday, feedback from publisher partners proves that the medium is being taken seriously as a revenue stream.

EA signs Massive in-game ad deal

Massive Inc has announced that it has extended its in-game advertising partnership with Electronic Arts, to cover a range of Xbox 360 titles and a "majority of EA's premium PC products" for the next two years.

British Intelligence to recruit gamers

Government Communications Headquarters, a branch of the British Intelligence services, will be advertising its careers in videogames.

In-game ads increase brand familiarity - study

A study commissioned by in-game ad firm Massive Inc points to significant improvements in brand familiarity and purchase consideration among gamers exposed to adverts within videogames.


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