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Tencent takes 20% stake in Marvelous for $65m

Investment from Chinese giant will enable Story of Seasons developer to build new and existing IP

Marvelous CEO Haruki Nakayama steps down due to ill health

Nakayama is also president and chairman, will be succeeded as chairman by Shuichi Motoda

Kenichiro Takaki departs Marvelous for Cygames

Senran Kagura producer resigns to work on new project following frustrations with restrictions on sexual content

Sex and gaming: Selling Japan's Senran Kagura to the West

Marvelous Entertainment's Michael Fisher and Harry Holmwood discuss the challenges and surprises this series presents

Ken Kutaragi joins Marvelous AQL

Former Sony chairman and CEO becomes external director at Japanese publisher of Harvest Moon

XSEED rebranded as Marvelous USA

Marvelous brings all US operations under one umbrella

Marvelous sued for attempting hostile takeover

Indie dev Checkpoint Studios lists hostile takeover among several charges in $5 million lawsuit

Inafune: Japanese devs need more energy

Comcept's Keiji Inafune continues his campaign to change Japan's games industry

Marvelous: 3DS game development will cost $600k-$1.8m

Harvest Moon dev speculates dramatic leap from DS dev costs

Harvest Moon, Little King's Story creators join Grasshopper

Yasuhiro Wada and Yoshiro Kimura sign up with Suda51

Marvelous turns profit on cost-cutting

No More Heroes publisher back in black with 71m profit for Q1

Marvelous revenues drop as losses rise

No More Heroes 2 publisher predicts return to profit following drastic cut in new titles


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