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Majesco searching for UK developer talent

Zumba Fitness publisher looking to spend cash on new ideas

Majesco's annual revenue up 66% to $125m, with profits of $6.8m

Zumba Fitness credited with performance boost for year ending October 31, 2011

Chris Gray joins Majesco as SVP of Production

Former EA exec to help publisher grow "world class portfolio of mass market games"

Majesco reports Q1 profits of $3.8 million

Cooking Mama performs well as company continues to focus on Wii and DS releases

Majesco receives new Nasdaq warning

Cooking Mama publisher faces delisting as share price dips

Majesco posts $7.2 million loss

Disappointing bottom line for Cooking Mama publisher, despite revenue jumping almost 50%

Majesco posts Q3 operating loss of $4.2 million

Company's profits drop following soft performance of Night at the Museum

Majesco reports 60% Q2 revenue increase

Cooking Mama publisher saw increased sales year-on-year, but took a loss on increased marketing spend

Cooking Mama franchise sells 4 million in US

Publisher Majesco hit milestone through five titles in less than three years

Majesco hits profits of $4.2m

Company reports spike in revenue of 75.8 per cent, credits "terrific holiday season"

Majesco reports 25.3% hike in revenue

Wii and DS focused strategy cited as cause of success, which saw losses cut and revenues climb

Majesco reports $0.3 million Q2 net loss

CEO says results are in line with expectations and company remains on track to achieve modest gross margin gains

Majesco reports $2.7 million Q1 2008 net income

Majesco Entertainment has announced its Q1 2008 financial results, reporting net income of USD 2.7 million

Codemasters signs 12 Majesco titles for Euro distribution

Codemasters has inked a deal with Majesco to bring 12 Wii, DS and PSP titles to Europe, as it targets the family-orientated market.

Majesco reduces 2007 operating losses by 84%

Majesco Entertainment Company has reported Q4 earnings for the period ending October 31, 2007 showing a net loss of $961,000

Sutton officially named Majesco CEO

Jesse Sutton, who was named interim CEO and chairman of the board of Majesco back in 2006, has officially been named CEO

Majesco establishes new casual division

Majesco has announced that it has formed a new development studio to focus specifically on the casual market.

Majesco raises $6 million

Majesco Entertainment announced that it has raised approximately USD 6 million in a private investment in public equity offering to several institutional investors

Majesco titles now on GameTap

Majesco Entertainment Company has announced that several of its titles are now available for subscription play and digital download on GameTap

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