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"Employee health, employee happiness, and then the game -- in that order"

Michael Paixao on winning a legal battle against former employer ZeniMax Media to create a better work culture with Bad Yolk

Ex-MachineGames devs target healthy work-life balance with new studio

Bad Yolk already has a team of ten AAA veterans, with experience on Gears of War, The Darkness and The Division

Guerrilla Games and MachineGames round out Devcom 2018 line-up

Pre-Gamescom developer conference adds Jan-Bart van Beek and Jens Matthies, will have more than 50 talks and panels

The accidental relevance of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

MachineGames creative director Jens Matthies on when he realized his Nazi-killing game was going to be politically topical, and dealing honestly with Nazi ideology

Adding multiplayer would "dilute" Wolfenstein's storytelling

MachineGames' Tommy Tordsson Björk on the benefits of single-player focus to "pushing the boundaries" in The New Colossus

Another studio acquisition for ZeniMax

Bethesda owner has apparently bought ex-Starbreeze dev Machinegames


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