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Tencent invests in Lockwood Publishing

Chinese tech giant leads a $25 million investment round in the Avakin Life creator

Avakin Life reaches 1.4m daily active users

Online virtual world and social app now has 200 million registered users since 2013 launch

Lockwood Publishing opening studio in Lisbon

New branch will open doors in March, create 30 jobs in the area

Avakin Life dev Lockwood Publishing closes Leamington Spa studio

All four members of staff declined opportunity to move to growing Nottingham studio

Lockwood Publishing closes funding round led by Novator, CCP Games CEO

Unity Technologies founder David Helgasson also participates, appointed chairman of the board

"We stopped thinking as game developers" - What to do when millions join your virtual world unexpectedly

Lockwood's CTO Ed Morley on migrating from Python to Go after the success of Avakin Life

Lockwood Publishing opens new UK studio in Newcastle

Industry veteran Joe Stevens to lead team of former Ubisoft colleagues

Unity's David Helgason joins UK studio Lockwood Publishing

Meet the developer that gave its team 140,000 last quarter


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