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Second Life to ban gacha mechanics

From August 31, selling content via gacha machines will no longer be permitted in the title

Linden Lab adds Bing Gordon to its board

Veteran EA executive will arrive ahead of the full launch of social VR platform Sansar

Bad Juju buys Desura from Linden Lab

Second Life dev sells online store as it focuses on new virtual worlds

CEO Rod Humble leaves Linden Labs

A brief Facebook message shares the news with the world

Linden Labs acquires Desura

Second Life company picks up digital distribution storefront, terms not released

Linden Lab: "The Weirder The Better"

Rod Humble and Emily Short on Second Life's second chance and broadening Linden Lab's horizons

Linden Lab acquires LittleTextPeople

Second Life company poised to release several new products in 2012

Second Life founder steps down

Rosedale leaves CEO post at Linden in favour of new startup

Linden Labs CEO resigns

Second Life founder Philip Rosedale returns after 30 per cent cut in head count

Linden Lab slashes workforce by 30%

Second Life developer hopes to improve efficiency and support investment in new platforms

Second Life transactions hit record high

Virtual world sees big rises in transactions and unique vistors in March

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  • Linden Lab
    945 Battery Street
  • San Francisco
  • CA 94111
  • United States

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