League of Geeks

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League of Geeks named Studio of the Year at Australian Game Developer Awards

SMG Studio picked up Game of the Year for Moving Out, and Pond Games was honoured twice for Rite

"We had a bush-fire back then, but we're about to go through a flash-fire now"

League of Geeks and Fellow Traveller on the collapse of government funding in Australia, and the difficulties its fledgling studios will face in the years ahead

League of Geeks: "We are a response to what was before"

Blake Mizzi and Trent Kusters on using the mistakes of Australia's past to build a better studio, and moving on from its hit digital board game Armello

Can salary gamification really work?

League of Geeks has yet to launch its first game, but Blake Mizzi is already calling the Armello studio's profit-sharing plan a huge success


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