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Kuju Entertainment is one of the leading independent game development companies. Operating six studios across the UK and USA, Kuju has specialist expertise across a wide range of genres on console, PC and handheld platforms. Kuju has been creating top-rated games since 1998. Kuju owns Headstrong Games, kuju America, Doublesix, Nik Nak, Chemistry and Zoe Mode. More info here:

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Kuju's Nigel Robbins

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But French start ups have increased following introduction of cultural tax in country, claims Edmondson

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Kuju opens "hardcore" 360, PS3 studio staffed by ex-Mafia devs; publisher already on board for first title in 2011

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  • Suite 2, River House
  • Shalford
  • Surrey
  • GU3 8EP
  • United Kingdom

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