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Kongregate opens Montreal office

Digital publisher's first Canadian branch looks to capitalize on the local indie development scene

Kartridge offers developers 100% of revenue up to $10,000

Exclusive games will also get 90% up to $40k, in new terms aimed at "smaller developers"

How Kongregate plans to rival Steam with new store Kartridge

“Everybody uses Steam, but they don't necessarily love it,” says CEO Emily Greer

Kongregate launching new download games store Kartridge this summer

Publisher readies its own Steam rival with no upload fees and support for pay-what-you-want games

People of the Year: Emily Greer

The Kongregate CEO has just overseen a pivotal year in the company's history

Kongregate acquires developer Synapse Games

And is planning further acquisitions

Kongregate sets up $10m PC and console publishing fund

Indie publishers determined to grow presence beyond mobile and web, says finance could be used for investment

Kongregate: HTML5 games can now "compete toe-to-toe with plugins"

After years of speculation, browser game platform believes HTML5's moment has finally arrived

Kongregate to aid experimental game development

Launchpad X will focus on developers, "who aren't afraid to take risks, push boundaries, and break genres"

Kongregate: Game players are omnivores

CEO reveals console players have an appetite for browser games too

Kongregate CEO: It's harder to be a woman in games

Emily Greer says she gets four times the harassment as her co-founder brother

GameStop's Secret Weapon: Kongregate CEO Emily Greer

As more and more players flock to digital, Kongregate has shown big growth for parent company GameStop

Kongregate names $10m mobile fund developers

Synapse Games, RedPoint Labs and Making Fun among the chosen

Kongregate: Free-to-play games should last for "decades"

Emily Greer, co-founder of Kongregate, talks to us about how maximizing player satisfaction and monetization don't have to be opposing forces

Kongregate launches $10m fund for mobile developers

Former Zynga general manager to oversee new programme

Kongregate adds free-to-play downloadable games

The browser gaming service will start having downloadable titles

Kongregate finds avid players account for 90 percent of game revenue

Committed free-to-play gamers are the key to successful monetization

American McGee's first free-to-play game is BigHead Bash

The first game from Spicy Horse has toys dueling against one another

Kongregate Arcade returns to Android Market

GameStop app now runs solely via browser to avoid Google restrictions

Kongregate ban from Android Market "bizarre"

GameStop app pulled for being "another app store"


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