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Cloud gaming not ready for disruption - Report

Juniper Research sees streaming game services as a subset of a subscription service market that will hit $8 billion in 2023

Loot boxes expected to drive games market to $160 billion by 2022

Juniper Research also predicts Switch-driven console revival, with revenues to reach $33.2 in four years

Loot boxes, skins gambling to hit $50 billion by 2022 - Report

Juniper Research "strongly recommends regulation for skin trading and gambling" in report covering growth of practices

30 million VR headsets by 2020 - Juniper

Research firm says 2016 will be "a watershed year" for the tech, with games and video driving initial growth

PC and console market will decline - Report

Juniper Research finds segment will shrink 12% to $41 billion by 2019; streaming games to top $1 billion

App spending to hit $75 billion by 2017

Juniper Research projects games to account for $24 billion on their own; in-app purchases to grow to 75% of revenues


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