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Recent articles about decries NFTs, calls them "a scam"

Indie hosting site says "f*ck any company that says they support creators and also endorses NFTs in any way" Palestinian Aid bundle raises over $900,000

Over 97,000 people contributed to the week-long fundraiser gives its revenue share to developers for 24 hours

Until midnight Pacific Time on November 28, the indie games store is giving its portion of each sale back to developers Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality finishes with $8.1m raised

Over 810,000 people purchased the bundle, which contained more than 1,700 games

Choose Your Own Adventure publisher cracks down on devs

Chooseco issues trademark infringements to four developers Valve's new stance on content "ridiculous" and "out of touch"

Leaf Corcoran says "ban buttons are ready" to keep hateful content off lets devs distribute to Patreon backers

"Experimental" feature automatically generates keys for users who have linked their Patreon accounts to indie storefront

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