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VR criticism "a little unfair" - Fargo

Industry vet still a big believer in VR, targeting 2019 for his server-based open-world survival VR title

Brian Fargo's inXile secures $4.5m investment from gumi VR

Veteran plans to follow Mage's Tale with open-world survival VR title; gumi investment is part equity, part funding for development

Brian Fargo plans to retire after Wasteland 3

inXile boss says when the game ships in 2019, it'll mark the end of a 38-year career

Fargo: “If you don't reach 20% of your goal in two days, you'll almost certainly fail”

The Wasteland developer reflects changes to the crowdfunding space, and offers tips on how to attract those higher-tier backers

inXile legal challenge forces indie dev to rebrand game

The Alien Wasteland now called Action Alien following cease and desist letter over "Wasteland" trademark

Torment: Tides of Numenera pushed to 2016

Project lead Kevin Saunders and inXile agree to part ways; Wasteland 2 lead Chris Keenan takes over for home stretch

Wasteland 2 earns $1.5 million revenue in four days

[UPDATE] Initial information wasn't unit sales - PR team issues correction and apology

Working for publishers "like slave labor" - Fargo

Wasteland 2 dev says industry dynamic is shifting, life's too short to work on big-budget titles

Publishers convinced by Kickstarter, says Avellone

Obsidian co-owner says companies are now more open to proven crowdfunding genres

Vlambeer renames Wasteland Kings over InXile concerns

"There was no extravagant cease and desist letter"

Fargo's goal: Make an "unbelievable" game without a publisher

InXile's CEO talks about crowdfunded development and Microsoft's complete change in approach to indies

Brian Fargo: We no longer have to answer to the Walmart buyer

The head of InXile talks about the big advantages of crowdfunding, eliminating gatekeepers, cooperating with Obsidian and more

Torment Kickstarter closes at $4.19 million

InXile hits a new funding record for Kickstarter

Chris Avellone joins Torment design team

Obsidian vet joins team of Planescape follow-up after it hits $3.5m Kickstarter goal

Brian Fargo calls publisher pitches "absurd"

The inXile CEO talks about the moment when he knew he had to take things into his own hands

Torment fastest Kickstarter to $1 million

inXile calls success of second campaign proof that crowdfunding is a viable business model

Torment Kickstarter draws $900,000 in six hours

inXile Entertainment's Planescape successor launches in the morning, tops funding goal by lunch

inXile crowdfunding Planescape: Torment follow-up

Wasteland 2 developer passes the hat again before delivering on original Kickstarter project

Fargo: Succeed or fail, I'll return to Kickstarter

inXile boss argues that benefits of crowd-funding are too valuable, even with money for production

Fargo: "Without corporate interruption, we're kicking ass"

Brian Fargo on Wasteland 2's rapid progress due to financial independence and the Unity Asset Store

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