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8th July 2021

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Interplay silent on Earthworm Jim developer's racist, homophobic remarks

Update: TenNapel and Intellivision confirm he is an "unpaid consultant" on Earthworm Jim 4

Brian Fargo wants to buy back Interplay

Fargo will attempt to acquire the company he co-founded in 1983 if Bard's Tale IV hits sales target

Interplay picks up FreeSpace IP from THQ

Rights to classic space combat franchise acquired for $7,500

Black Isle crowdfunding new game

Interplay studio asking for money to build forums, prototype for Project V13

Interplay revives Black Isle Studios

A teaser website brings back a name from the past

Fallout MMO rights surrendered to Bethesda

Out of court settlement sees Interplay abandon claim for $2m

Trokia co-founder joins Obsidian

Tim Cain working with the Fallout: New Vegas developer

Bethesda denied in preliminary Fallout MMO ruling

Court rules against publisher in case against Interplay and Masthead

Interplay submit new filing in Fallout case

Bethesda knew Fallout Online included more than just name "for at least four years"

Interplay on the brink as debts mount

Fallout Online faces uncertain future as publisher struggles with $3 million deficit

Bethesda: "We own the rights to the Fallout MMO"

Trademark dispute continues as Interplay claims it can seize back rights to Fallout 6 and beyond

Interplay labels latest Bethesda legal wrangle "absurd"

Ongoing saga over Fallout MMO descends further into legal semantics over usage rights

Interplay: Bethesda wouldn't pay $50m for full Fallout rights

Eric Caen claims publisher thought MMO license too expensive

Bethesda loses Interplay court battle

Fallout 3 publisher/developer fails to stop Interplay selling older games

Interplay in danger of bankruptcy

Publisher ended 2008 with a cash balance of USD 0

Bethesda may sue over Fallout MMO

SEC filing from Interplay shows the Fallout 3 developer is disputing the online project

GameTap expands Interplay partnership

Expanded deal adds Descent, Fallout and MDK to online game delivery service

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