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Tencent set to unveil new cloud gaming service

Tencent Instant Play to bring cloud gaming to PC and Android, overview with Intel planned for GDC

Intel CEO resigns over breach of "non-fraternisation" policy

Brian Krzanich steps down after five years with tech giant

Intel: VR is "eye-opening moment" for computing

Kim Pallister, director of the Intel VR Center of Excellence, on the chip maker's goals for VR and why it sees VR making esports more accessible

Green Man Gaming launches games B2B marketplace with Intel

Enables PC resellers to include popular titles in their hardware bundles

Intel, Oculus and ESl form first ever VR eSports league

VR Challenger League has a $200,000 prize-pool, focuses on two games: The Unspoken and Echo Arena

ESL and Intel launch eSports diversity initiative

“The need for an organisation such as AnyKey is clear"

Intel pledges $300 million to promote diversity

"We're calling on our industry to again make the seemingly impossible possible"

Intel names Brian Krzanich as its new CEO

Krzanich succeeds Paul Otellini, Renée James elected new president

Intel closes out 2012 with $53.3 billion in revenue

The PC market may be down, but the PC chip maker is not out

Profits and sales fall for Intel

Sales drop 14% in third quarter

Political unrest cancels Chinese gaming tournaments

Organisers fear hosting anime show could be target of crowd aggression

Intel expects 20 Windows 8 tablets this year

The chip maker believes 2012 will see a wide range of Windows 8 devices

Intel expects 565 different Ivy Bridge PC designs this year

Intel's new high-end, third-generation CPU has launched and manufacturers are ready

Intel reports flat revenues and profits for Q1

CEO Paul Otellini anticipates strong year as first Intel smartphones emerge

Intel CEO hits out at Nokia, Microsoft, Google

Claims handset maker's decision on platform was "financially motivated"

Intel settles NVIDIA legal wrangles

And chip-maker will also pay graphics specialist $1.5b in new five-year licensing deal

Valve: New Intel tech means "console-like experience on PC"

Newell hails Sandy Bridge CPU as "a game changer"

Angry Birds gets PC and PSN release

Intel lands Rovio hit for its AppUp download store

New Intel-sponsored indie development contest

$8000 prizepot plus public endorsement for best netbook games made with DarkBasic

Intel antitrust cast settled

Trial halted but FTC expects a "more competitive landscape" for CPUs and graphics cards


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