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In 2019, video game projects on Kickstarter held steady

Ico Partners: Though tabletop drove segment's rise, video games saw only minute growth in funded projects, money raised

Ratio of successful Kickstarter projects at highest since Double Fine Adventure

ICO Partners breaks down ongoing maturation of crowdfunding projects with H1 2019 update

Ico Partners: Video games see fewer crowdfunded projects, steady amount funded in 2018

Trends indicates Kickstarter is stabilizing, with a higher percentage of quality projects as platform matures

Video game Kickstarters have raised almost $10m so far in 2018

Total money pledged reaches three-year high, but number of campaigns drops to six-year low and success rate remains steady

Fortnite, Fallout 76, Cyberpunk 2077 lead E3 media coverage

Sony narrowly retakes leadership from Microsoft, EA dominates publishers

Video games crowdfunding raised $25m in 2017

ICO Partners estimates show only three projects raised more than $1m last year

What every indie needs to know about PR

ICO Partners' Thomas Reisenegger outlines five keys to success for indie devs

Who won 2014's battle for the headlines?

Which game and platform were the most talked about in the press last year?

2014 saw money pledged to videogame Kickstarters slashed

More campaigns but fewer successes as cash input more than halved

ICO Partners report suggests Kickstarter is in decline

New data shows less money going to fewer games projects

Games projects grow by 30% on Kickstarter in 2013

ICO Partners analysis shows games as biggest category

So you want to launch a Kickstarter

GDC 2013: Tips on what works and what doesn't when it comes to crowdfunding

UK development: Where next?

Thomas Bidaux, Paul Mottram, Nick Baynes and David Amor discuss Brighton, Britain and the boxed business

Going Coastal

Ahead of the Develop Conference, Dan Pearson takes a look at what makes Brighton a games industry hub

ICO Partners Part 2

Julien Wera and Thomas Bidaux on what games to watch, and where the PSN crisis leaves Sony

MMO business models must become more sophisticated - ICO

Core, subscription MMORPG will remain, but must be tuned to audience, says consultancy

UK online market is one of the hardest in Europe - Bidaux

But unique opportunities mean it also has the biggest potential says ICO Partners founder

ICO Partners Part 1

Thomas Bidaux discusses free-to-play on console and what makes the UK one of the toughest in Europe

Boxed product "to become a marketing exercise" - Bidaux

And the ICO Partners CEO predicts blurring between social and traditional games

ICO Partners' Thomas Bidaux

The founder of the online consulting business talks life after NCsoft and his predictions for digital gaming


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