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Ex-Human Head devs sued by Rune II publisher

Ragnarok Game accuses defunct studio and its co-founders of fraud, holding game assets hostage

Rune II publisher "shocked" by Human Head closure

Ragnarok Game confirmed it will continue to support Rune II and launch on other PC platforms in 2020

Human Head shuts down, staff to join Bethesda's new studio

Co-founder Chris Rhinehart becomes creative director at Roundhouse Studios

Human Head's Tim Gerritsen leads new Fantasy Flight Games studio

Board game firm calls on exec from former Prey 2 studio to bring its properties into the digital realm

Report: Prey 2 delayed by contract dispute

Source claims Human Head hasn't worked on game since November

Former Human Head boss sets up new studio

Timothy Gerritsen, the former CEO of Prey developer Human Head, is teaming up with other company veterans to establish a new development studio in Madison, Wisconsin.

Fire devastates Human Head office

The Madison, Wisconsin office building that housed Human Head has been devastated by a fire, according to news site Channel 3000.

Ecko announces Human Head partnership

Human Head Studios is partnering with the newly formed Marc Ecko Entertainment to develop a new next-generation console game.

Human Head Studios boss moves on

Timothy Gerritsen, CEO of Rune and Prey developer Human Head Studios, has left the company following differences over which direction the business should take.

Take Two, 3D Realms confirm Human Head developed Prey

The resurrection of 3D Realms' much-hyped first person shooter project from the late 1990s, Prey, has been confirmed by publisher Take Two and 3D Realms boss George Broussard, with Human Head now on board as developer.


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