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"Master Takahashi" leaves Hudson

Japanese gaming celeb's departure signals end of era at Hudson Soft

Hudson games disappear from release schedules

Publisher's 3DS titles no longer listed in Japan following major restructuring

40 jobs to go as Konami restructures Hudson

And US office to close as Bomberman firm moves purely to social games

Konami takes 100% stake in Bomberman dev Hudson

Publisher also picks up Digital Golf in mobile/social expansion

Hudson Entertainment president steps down

After 20 years with the company, Hudson Entertainment president John Greiner has decided to step down

Hudson expects Wii titles to boost profits 400 per cent

Incoming president targets JPY 10 billion in profits by 2011 off the back of Nintendo sales

Hudson lays off mobile employees

Hudson Entertainment has axed a number of QA and porting staff from its mobile division.

Konami and Hudson extend deal into Europe

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has agreed a deal with Hudson Soft to distribute its titles throughout Europe, beginning in 2008.

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  • Hudson Bldg., 5-4-22, Hiragishi 3-jo, Toyohira-ku
  • Sapporo City
  • Hokkaido
  • 062-8622
  • Japan

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