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Returnal wins Game of the Year at Finnish Game Awards

Returnal's title also won Big Screen Game of the Year 2021

Sony acquires Returnal developer Housemarque

"Housemarque is a highly-accomplished studio and we couldn't be more thrilled to officially welcome them to the PlayStation Studios family"

Returnal | Critical Consensus

Critics praise Housemarque's roguelike shooter for fast-paced combat and unforgiving, gorgeous world, but say it misses the mark on some key aspects

Housemarque puts all other projects on hold to focus on "most ambitious game to date"

Stormdivers, other upcoming titles paused for unannounced project now three years in development

Housemarque goes AAA with new project

Studio may believe that "arcade is dead," but reassures that rumors of its own death have been greatly exaggerated

Housemarque goes battle royale: "We've had pushback, and we're expecting more"

Mikael Haveri and Henri Markus on the fan reaction to the studio's long anticipated new direction, and how Stormdivers will grow beyond battle royale

Housemarque's bittersweet farewell to the arcade shoot 'em up

The commercial disappointment of Nex Machina and Matterfall marks the end of an era for the Finnish studio - and the start of another

Will Housemarque's Nex Machina be "the last of its kind"?

With the console market for digital games in apparent stasis, the Finnish studio is considering a change in direction

Housemarque's Antti Kallioinen passes away

Veteran developer, serial entrepreneur, and Alienation art lead dies suddenly at age 42

Downloadable games need bigger audience, says Housemarque CEO

Super Stardust dev co-founder Ilari Kuittinen says next-gen could see "the end of" smaller console titles if things don't change

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