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Hinterland's future plans include movies, publishing, and The Long Dark 2

At Reboot Develop Red, Raphael van Lierop described the four pillars that will support the Canadian studio's future

Hinterland: "There's something a little bit broken about our internet culture"

Raphael van Lierop talks about a low point in dealing with The Long Dark's Early Access community, and why he won't go to Reddit any more

What's behind The Long Dark's long tail?

Creative director Raph van Lierop talks about how Steam is set up for self-perpetuating success, and why survival games and post-apocalyptic stories are so popular

Hinterland: Navigating Early Access with The Long Dark

"It's our job to not be waylaid by all the feedback. Because that's what we do. We're game developers"

Ken Rolston joins Hinterland for The Long Dark

Elder Scrolls veteran will also continue to work for Turbine


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