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Parent plea prompts Hello Games to re-release Joe Danger

The 2013 iOS daredevil title receives a remastered update inspired by a fan letter

Hello Games back up after the flood

No Man's Sky developer recovering from Christmas Eve setback, says procedural game won't be delayed

Hello Games offices flooded in holiday storms

"Everything in the office has pretty much been lost"

Dangerous Game

Sean Murray on Joe Danger XBLA, Microsoft's exclusivity policy and what he really meant by 'slaughterhouse'

Hello Games: Porting Joe Danger to XBLA was "cathartic"

Feeling in team that original was "released because we'd run out of money"

You Had Me At Hello

Hello Games' Sean Murray on the teething pains of indie development, and how to love a project after six months

Steam, XBLA, PSN key to indie success - Murray

"Without the support of at least one of those outlets, the chances of success are reduced from tiny to almost non-existent"

Hello Games: "Anything can be made wonderful"

Murray concerned about "social games just built around rewards and pyramid schemes"

Murray: It's "really risky not to innovate" on consoles now

As current gen winds down, Hello Danger boss insists risk and experimentation helps indies shine on the market

Hello Games' Sean Murray

Joe Danger dev on creative freedom, retail decline and failing college

Hello Games wins 2 awards

Joe Danger studio takes home Best New Studio and Best Micro-Studio from Brighton ceremony

XBLA is a "slaughterhouse" for smaller developers

Joe Danger sold 50k on week one over PSN; Pubs see PSN/XBLA as "ginger step-child" of digital distribution

Lack of exposure a problem for digital platforms - Hello Games

Joe Danger team acknowledges self-publishing also means self-promotion; Sony Pub Fund helps with "inexperience"

Hello Games' Sean Murray

MD of the Joe Danger team discusses the highs and lows of the past six months

Saying Hello to Hello

The MD of indie outfit Hello Games, Sean Murray, talks about the experience of starting out from scratch

Digital space 'getting harder' for developers

Limited capacity of console platforms makes doors to digital market harder to open, says Hello Games MD


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