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Music developer secures money from 14 investors ahead of Rock Band 4 launch

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Amplitude hits Kickstarter goal

Harmonix reboot reaches $775,000 with hours to spare

Harmonix lays off a "small number" of employees

The Rock Band and Fantasia developer lets go of an undisclosed number of employees

Rock Band DLC releases are done in April

Harmonix will stop releasing new songs for Rock Band

Viacom earnings fall, Harmonix dispute blamed

Company attributes 65 per cent drop in Q1 profits to legal dispute

Harmonix shareholders owed $383M in Viacom row

Joint appointed accountant reaches decision in Rock Band developer's dispute

Harmonix working on "radical departure" for Rock Band

New direction will be better suited to current environment and tastes

Harmonix: gimmicks essential to innovation

Guitar Hero and Rock Band creator says resurgence of music games is inevitable

Viacom wants $131m refund from Harmonix stockholders

Legal battle continues as Viacom files a new lawsuit against Rock Band shareholders

Rock Band downloads pass 100 million

Harmonix discounts Rock Band 4 retail release as DLC stay strong

Harmonix plans "significant" announcements for E3

Dance Central developer hints at new IPs and more motion-controlled games

Harmonix optimistic as Dance Central becomes biggest seller

Future Activision collaboration not ruled out

MTV Games closes after Harmonix sale completes

Reports indicate only a few financial staff remain

Rock Band Network for Wii terminated

Harmonix closes service due to "smaller online install base and limited demand"

Harmonix goes independent funded by private investment firm

Rock Band and Dance Central developer "retuning to its roots" as Viacom offloads music studio

Harmonix founders and shareholders sue Viacom

Bonus issue still under dispute as Rock Band developer accuses parent company

"Several potential buyers" interested in quick Harmonix sale

Developer made a loss of $65m in last quarter; Viacom admits 'we don't have scale or expertise for games'

Viacom to sell Harmonix

Rock Band developer offloaded; speculation begins that Activision could swoop for studio

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  • 675 Massachusetts Avenue, 6th Floor
  • Cambridge
  • Massachusetts
  • 02139
  • United States

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