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Mobile gaming is a black ocean - GungHo CEO

Kazuki Morishita explains why the Puzzle & Dragons publisher didn't double-down on mobile, and how Let it Die embodies its new global-centric approach

Gameloft and GungHo gang up

International mobile giants launch collaboration with Japanese roll out of Disney Magic Kingdoms

GungHo acquires PlayPhone

Puzzle & Dragons publisher reportedly snaps up 70% stake in US mobile social gaming network

17-Bit signs with GungHo

Puzzle & Dragons giant to publish and promote future games from developer of Skulls of the Shogun, Galak-Z

GungHo sells Supercell stake

Parent company SoftBank takes over as Puzzle & Dragons outfit focuses on emerging markets

GungHo sees revenue of $432 million in latest quarter

Ten games in planning and development stages at Puzzle & Dragons creator

GungHo has four games earning $1 million a month

CEO Kazuki Morishita expresses need for more innovative and profitable titles

Puzzle & Dragons passes 2 million downloads in North America

GungHo's mobile gaming juggernaut continues to grow

GungHo stock plummets after Q3 results

Q-o-Q declines see share price fall by 20 per cent in two days

GungHo sales up 945% in first half

Puzzle & Dragons dev's $763 million revenues boosted by a $4.9 million daily average in second quarter

GungHo and Supercell in cross-promotion deal

Mobile giants will start two-week agreement later this month

GungHo CEO is taking on Nintendo

Puzzle & Dragons' Q1 sales at $3.4 million a day

GungHo: Japanese developers need to go back to basics

President Kazuki Morishita on the simple secret of success

GungHo made $118m in April alone, market cap exceeds Nintendo

Puzzle & Dragons earning $3.75m a day, stock jumps 28.8 per cent

Gree, DeNA aren't really gaming companies, says GungHo prez

The Puzzle & Dragons dev also thinks that a lot of success in the mobile space has been due to luck

Suda51: We ran into a "wall" at publishers

The Japanese designer believes he'll be able to drive better sales of his games now that he's part of GungHo Online

GungHo hits $9 billion market cap after stock surge

Puzzle & Dragons dev is now the most valuable company in mobile gaming

Suda51: GungHo acquisition means complete creative freedom

Killer 7 creator on Grasshopper Manufacture deal

GungHo Entertainment hits single game revenue of $2m a day

Puzzle & Dragons in the midst of explosive growth in Japan

Suda 51 to remain at creative coalface following Grasshopper acquisition

GungHo president Kazuki Morishita will handle corporate business


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