Genemation Ltd, a leading facial computer vision technology company, operates in the following sectors:

1. Mobile phone content and web - GenMobile: a ‘white label’ end to end server side solution GenMobile requires no user input other than the taking of a photograph. Once uploaded to the GenMobile server the image processing takes seconds before being returned or forwarded (e.g. another handset, social networking site etc). GenMobile can be scaled to handle large traffic volumes. Generic and customised server applications can be built to suit clients requirements and integrated with other new media platforms to create unique and compelling, revenue generating services.

2. Face and feature tracking SDK – GenTrack: real-time face and feature tracking middleware

3. Digital 3D head production and modelling tools: (i) GenCrowd – synthesises 3D heads by age, gender and ethnicity & (ii) GenHead – enables easy creation and modelling of 3D heads from 2D images

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  • Liverpool Science Park, 131 Mount Pleasant
  • Liverpool
  • L3 5TF
  • United Kingdom

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