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Wargaming reportedly closes Seattle studio

Formerly Gas Powered Games, the studio employed around 150 people

Wargaming steps up to buy troubled Gas Powered Games

Dungeon Siege and Demigod studio picked up by cash-rich World of Tanks creator; Taylor remains with team

Kickstarter fatigue kneecapped Wildman drive, says Taylor

Gas Powered Games boss blames Kickstarter fatigue and poor timing for Wildman's final fate

Gas Powered Games cancels Wildman Kickstarter

The studio decides to focus on keeping the lights on

Gas Powered: We made the layoffs while we could afford to

Chris Taylor's Reddit AMA casts new light on studio's finances

Gas Powered: "Kickstarter has become about saving a company"

Laid off employees start work on Wildman at troubled studio

Gas Powered Games lays off staff in cash crisis

Just days after Kickstarting a new game, the developer cuts most of its team

Age of Empires updates "no longer cost-effective"

Creating new content for free-to-play title "too expensive to maintain for long"

Chris Taylor: Public development is "exciting"

Gas Powered Games founder details new project Kings and Castles; companies "afraid" of launching new IP

King of the Castle

Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor sheds more light on 'developing in the public eye'

Square Enix signs first Western dev deal with Gas Powered Games

Final Fantasy house to publish Supreme Commander 2

Foot on the Gas

Chris Taylor talks about the changing landscape of videogames, and why he set up Gas Powered Games

Chris Taylor to keynote GCDC

Gas Powered Games boss to talk new IP Demigod

Secure PC gaming could bring prices down - Taylor

Gas Powered Games' boss Chris Taylor believes that secure PC gaming will keep the format alive and relevant, while old PC gaming business models continue to die out

GDC: Gas Powered Games to target casual market

Gas Powered Games may be best known for its role-playing and real-time strategy titles, but the studio boss Chris Taylor has said that he's also currently targeting the casual gamer market.

VFS Game Expo 2008 call for speakers

The Vancouver Film School's Game Design Expo 2008 has launched a call for papers, and released more details about the plans for next year's event.

SEGA and Gas Powered Games reveal Space Siege

SEGA and Gas Powered Games have revealed Space Siege, an original RPG for the PC, as the result of their previously announced collaboration.

New Supreme Commander game coming in November

THQ has told our sister site,, that the next chapter in the Supreme Commander series is scheduled for release in November on Windows-based PCs.

Gas Powered Games boss hints at new projects

Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor has confirmed to that the studio is working on no less than four internal projects.

Cooking with Gas

Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor talks next-gen gaming.

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