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Gamers Heaven started in 2005 as the worlds second and ultimately longest running PSP Magazine. in 2006 the magazine was dropped to allow the team to publish their work instantly via a website designed and laid out like a magazine.

The project went through a number of refinements and at it's peak in 2007 had an active user list of over 1300 members with just under 5000 users registered for the sites forums. In late 2007 a tough decision was made to close down the site as the majority of the team had other commitments and could no longer moderate the forums to the level required with such activity and at the same time write articles and reviews to the standard our readers had come to expect.

In October 2008 David Wicks one of the Co-Founders of the project relaunched Gamers Heaven. Our new website is live but unfinished and is being treated as a beta site until our new team is ready to publish content and work with Word Press and the other various systems installed. is expected to be fully up and running by mid December 2008 and will run along side a sister project related to PlayStation Home

Gamers Heaven

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